Things I Learned in College

Wow, it’s been a while… I guess I’ve just been so busy, with all these cool college things that I didn’t have time! With Spring Quarter coming to a close and I’m realizing that I’m finishing up my first year at Western, I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve learned – not in the classroom. Here are a few things that come to mind.

Regardless of how many times you trek up them, five flights is five flights and going up them first thing in the morning is tiring.


Stairs in Old Main


Alternatively, carrying a backpack around everywhere has made me feel much more agile when I do not have that burden.

Always remember to submit your time sheet before you leave work, or else you may end up having to do it on your phone while at a horse show.

There’s a surprising amount of loose bricks around campus, and some of them are pretty fun to look at.


Bricks are cool.




More cool bricks

carpe diem

This one is outside the library


I find a lot of them outside the Art building…

My favorite bathrooms are on the first floor of the Communications facility. This is great because that’s where the Physics department is and I’ll likely be spending a lot of time there.


isn’t it big and nice and clean?

The AstroLab is cool. And when you have a key to it you feel important.

Talking to people is the best way to get things done.

As much as you might plan it out in your head, if you’re excited and nervous your words will always come out in the wrong order. Just go with it.

astro lab

Yay astro lab!

Plan things out way in advance, that way you can be as flexible as possible and still get things done!

I am a whizz as Physics labs. I don’t know what it is. I just get them done thoroughly and quickly. (I hope that continues!)

There’s always something going on on campus. Always.


On this particular day they were naming the chemistry building

I know I can never have a career that requires me to rely on other people to give me work. I am “too productive”. (Makes me a good employee though!)

Men’s basketball games are more fun than women’s. However, volleyball games are even more fun than basketball games.

I can walk across campus in 7-8 minutes.

Despite distance and time away, a best friend is a best friend and you can always pick up where you left off. (Also, I don’t like Danielle being in Pullman, but I love John being in Seattle)

My mind rarely gets nervous. This is awesome, except when my body decides it’s nervous anyway.

Doctor Who is pretty cool. As is Merlin.

When you don’t have a key, it’s difficult to get into the Fairhaven dorms. Edens, on the other hand…..

My favorite treat is a white mocha and a berry/chocolate chip muffin.


Now I’d like to share some cool things I’m proud I’ve done this year:

I quickly made friends.

I played a flute solo for an audience in a concert hall.

I was apart of a university symphonic band.

I consistently received A’s in all my physics classes (a little worried about this quarter though!).

I started research as an undergrad.

I was apart of a pep band at a basketball game that was aired on television.

I managed to balance pep band, 18 credits of classes (including flute lessons), 8-10 hours of work a week, and a boyfriend all at once.

I was chosen to be one of eight “College of Science and Technology Scholars” and received a nice scholarship.

I have become well versed in Evernote.

I’m now pretty comfortable at East Coast Swing.

I was jump crew at a horse show.

I went to my first rocky horror picture show.

I read Dante’s Inferno, Darwin’s Origin of Species, most of the Old Testament, Schopenhauer, Montaigne, and Ovid’s Metamorphoses.


I had quite the year and I’m very excited for the next one!




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New Schoolness

So this past week has been my first week at Squalicum High School. This school is a little smaller than my old school, Southridge. Fortunately it kind of has the same layout. Although I haven’t quite figured out how the gym works into everything.. I found the gym, I think.. but where are the locker rooms….? The weirdest thing about the new school is the schedule. At Southridge we have all six classes everyday, in about 45-50 minute periods. At Squalicum there are only 4 classes a day, in 80 minute periods. All six classes are spread out evenly over three days, X, Y, and Z days. X: periods 1,2,4,5     Y: 1,3,4,6      Z: 2,3,5,6     (hey! and That was from memory! I’m learning!) There are also two lunches, which are decided by your thrid class of the day. I’ve had trouble deciding if it was a long or a short day because the classes were long, but it felt short to have only gone to four!

My schedule is as follows: Band, Viscom. (Visual Communications, aka. Photography), Algebra (2nd year), Physics, Spanish (3rd year), and Hon. English.

Band: Met the flutes right away and now they all know My name.. but I don’t know all of theirs yet:) We started on music for parade season. At Southridge we didn’t do parades so I’m looking forward to this. I also get to sight read lots of their music which is just about the same level I was at, if not a little more challenging :) It’s a productive but fun class.

Viscom.: The teacher has an interesting personality. When I first met him he was wearing tropical hawaiian shirts and wearing pastel colored reading glasses. This class has been the most neutral because we don’t do much and there’s not much for me to do… I hope it will get a little more interesting when I get a little more adjusted to the class.

Algebra: My teacher for algebra is friendly and “hip”. I don’t mind listening to him go over what I already learned (because I’m ahead :) ) because he teaches it in a new way. He, like the band teacher, allows the class to be fun but productive. He seems like a good teacher to me. The people at my table are enjoyable to talk to too, and we have to interact and “ask each other questions” on how to do the problems, so I’m glad they’re friendly.

Physics: The most recognizable feature of this teacher, in my opinion are his glasses. They make him have huge bug eyes! :) he’s not Mr. Choi, and certainly easier to understand, but that’s okay. We’re in electricity at Squalicum and Southridge was only at Light waves. I think I caught up pretty well and feel pretty good about the test I took today. If it makes my grade worse the teacher won’t count it because I haven’t gone over this section, but if it helps my grade, extra points for me! :)

Spanish: This class is certainly not as fun as my other Spanish class, but I had a pretty fun teacher. Like any foreign language class though, it’s enjoyable and a break from the norm. It is a funny coincidence however that at Southridge we were reading a Spanish novel called “La Catrina” and at Squalicum we’re reading the Sequel to “La Catrina”. Same characters, new story line. Also the teacher gives most instructions in Spanish. Which is a good strategy but something I’ll have to get used to. She tries to use words we know, and will define them for us if we don’t know, so it’s not that hard :)

English: Ugh… English… Just like any English class… However, the students are very close and like to chat a lot. Even though I’m not actually in the conversations I feel included a bit :) The teacher is a lot like my old one unforunately… she maybe could be a little worse…. BUT, I do appreciate that we’re writing Essays instead of reading and analyzing things. That’s my least favorite part. Essays are okay, and I get to write my own because I didn’t read Frankienstien or do the research that the rest of the class did.

Lunch: Yes, it’s totally a subject :)   I spent the first lunch looking for the library and hung out in there the first day. Then I was invited by flute players to eat with them the next day. A girl in my spanish class invited me to eat lunch with her the next day and she told me a lot about the school. Thursday, I ate in the band room with band and orchestra people which was very fun with the loud music over all the conversation. Today I had an enjoyable solitary lunch in the hallway with my book :) I liked just being out in the open but not actually looking like I didn’t have a place to go.

So, School hasn’t been that bad so far. Physics is always my favorite subject, then Band and Algebra. Teacher/student wise, my favorite class is Band, then Algebra and Spanish. Nows you knows… The only thing I’d change is make my friends from Kennewick go to this school too :)

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Poor Piccalo…

A piccalo is just a smaller version of a flute that plays louder and an octave higher

A piccalo is just a smaller version of a flute that plays louder and an octave higher

At a football game on Friday, the Marching Band played during the game. Me and my fellow piccalo and clarinet players do a little jump thing before we go out on the field. But this time things didn’t turn out so well. My piccalo was accidentally knocked out of hand, the mouth piece landing 7 feet away from me! I quickly picked it up to inspect the damage. All seemed well until I tried to put it back to together again… The mouth piece wouldn’t go in, it was bent. When we got it slightly in, it got stuck. I had to fake the rest of the game or I would have been horribly out of tune. The very sorry fellow piccalo player and I showed it to our director and he took it home to see if it could unbend it. I really hope so. Poor Piccalo… :(

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